A Visit to Trevi Fountain in Italy
We stayed in Rome and traveled to the Spanish steps on let’s say, Day 3 of our trip.  The metro in Europe is fairly easy to use and figure out.  To be quite honest, it’s easier than the NYC subway station IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, I’m sure a few city peeps would contest that, but that’s ok…moving right along.  When you get off out of the metro, you immediately feel like you’re right on 5th Ave in NY, except, more luxe because ALL of the building are beautifully structured with clean banners waving their designer name, inviting you in.
Here’s a full look of what I wore.  It’s easy street style of what to wear in Italy. High waist jeans, cute floral crop top and flat sandals.
A Visit to the Spanish Steps in Italy
Best Gelato in Italy
A Visit to Trevi Fountain in Italy
Best Gelato in Italy
Ok, so on this Italy trip, all I did was eat Gelato.  Seriously, this was THE goal from the earlier months of planning.  How much gelato can I eat in a day?  I have to admit I don’t think I gave it my best shot.  I could have eaten a little bit more.

The Trevi fountain was beautiful with the water pouring from this massive sculpture.  Right on the street of the Trevi fountain, there is this DELICIOUS gelato spot.  I posted about in on my Instagram a few days ago.

This Outfit Is:
& effortless

Jeans – H&M (Paper Denim) l Floral Crop Top & Sandals – Target