This dining room caught my attention before we purchased this house a few years ago. It was the way the sunlight came into the room. The way the fireplace added a certain coziness to the space. And it was just off the kitchen, but still connected to it.

Open floor plans has caught everyone’s hearts since they became popular and it caught mine too.

I had plans to open up this wall, but in the end, that did not happen. It saved time, money and any surprises that I wasn’t ready to tackle. It does enclose the space a bit more, but that’s ok.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this space was technically a “dining room” but thats what we made it. We wanted a long table that could seat a bunch of people during the holidays. This dining room table not only accommodated that, but it also acts as a writing table for me while I’m feeding breakfast or lunch to my kids. They’re on one side and I’m on the other. It’s all about what works for your own family, right?

Creating A Space You Love

There were a few simple steps that I took to make this dining room a space that I love.

First, the beige colored walls are literally on every wall of the house. It definitely was not my intention to keep the color in the dining room especially with the beige chairs, the natural-wood colored table and the gold accents. It blended everything way too much and was not the monochromatic tone I was going for. The first step is painting. Paint seriously changes a space. It can add an elegance, brightness, narrow the space, widen space and so much more. Paint is often underestimated in how it can change the vibe of a room.



What Paint Finish To Use For Your Dining Room

The color Antigua by Behr (sold exclusively at Home Depot) is amazing. I painted the wall with the fireplace on it in a satin finish.


How To Update Your Dining Room On A Budget

The next steps were the windows. I added gold curtain rods, hanging them high above the windows to give it a high-end feel. The gold curtain rods were by the brand Umbra which I found on amazon. I used curtain clips as well in the matching gold color.

Next, was the curtains. The sheer curtains are from Ikea. I love Ikea because they offer the minimalist style which, in my opinion, adds a certain high-end look to a home. It’s the simplicity for me.


How To Give Your Dining Room High End Style

The final touches came from Home Goods. Home Goods always comes through with beautiful pieces. Sometimes the pieces are the only one available so its nice to have a unique accessory that is not available for the masses. I had this votive candle holder already, but it tied in with the framed painting that I was able to find also at Home Goods.

I do plan on adding a few more things to finish the dining room off. But for now, I’m loving the makeover. What do you think so far? Love it? Hate it? Can’t wait to see more? I would love to hear your comments below!

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