I have been wanting to share a DIY hair recipe for quite some time. One of my passions is making things myself, especially for my hair. Having natural hair is a rollercoaster, sometimes it cooperates and sometimes it doesn’t! With this DIY hair growth spray my hair is softer to the touch, moisturized and overall healthy.

There are many benefits in this DIY hair growth recipe. The main ingredients calls for fenugreek. If you ever look up online the benefits of fenugreek for hair or the benefits of fenugreek for women, the list is LONG!

This recipe also calls for peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, msm powder and vegetable glycerin. For instance, one of the benefits of rosemary essential oil is that its perfect if you are looking to grow thick hair. I go into detail on some of the benefits of the ingredients in my youtube video.

If you try out the DIY hair growth recipe let me know! I’d love to hear how it worked for you.

I having been natural going on 5 years and during this time, my mindset on hair has changed.  Throughout these past few years, I have chopped, braided, twisted and installed weaves in my hair, wearing these protective styles, all in an effort to become a curl vixen. I’m embracing my curl failures, my heat damaged ends and not hiding […]

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