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How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring

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Spring is creeping up on us, I can feel it in my bones! Or am I confusing that with the winter chill that’s lingering all over North Jersey? I mean, come on – it literally JUST snowed in last week and it’s already March. Can someone please tell winter to chill? While the rest of […]

In Between Seasons

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     I wore this outfit to go pumpkin picking with my almost-2 year old!  It was really comfortable and when it got too warm, I was able to peel off the layers.  I was fine the whole time. This outfit is: comfy kid-friendly versatile stretchy & oversized Dress – Forever21 l Men’s Camouflage Shirt […]

African Headwrap and Moto Leggings

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I ended up bundling my curly fro into a ponytail and then adding the African print headwrap around it.  I didn’t tie it into a bow or anything, I literally wrapped it, tucked in the ends and appreciated the outcome. I loved how it looked with my cute, casual and comfy outfit.   From a […]

Why Leopard Is Always A Good Idea

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This blog post is about to be a really quick explanation of Why Leopard is Always a Good Idea. This sweater is one of my oldies.  It was folded, tucked away neatly, at the very bottom of my closet in a bin,  way down beneath all my other sweaters.  Under all my new ones, thrifted […]

Denim on Denim Update

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Hi guys! I recently wrote a blog post featuring Denim on Denim outfit inspiration.  You can find that blog post here.  Today, while cleaning up my Pinterest account, I stumbled upon a few pins from a few years ago that also featured this denim on denim look . Take peek below: High waist distressed denim skirt […]

How To Wear Denim On Denim

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Hi Friends! Let’s look at my take wearing denim on denim! I’ve been scared of wearing similar color denim on denim for probably the last 15 years.  I think it has to do with the looking like I’m wearing a old school Karl Kani jean jacket outfit. Haha. I honestly can pin point my fear […]

How to Dress Comfortable For a Music Festival in the Rain

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This past weekend I went to the Made in America music festival in Philly.  The two day festival was really fun and gave me and my partner in crime a chance to eat some Philly cheesesteaks amongst other good food.  First, I love that the festival is in the Olde City of Philadelphia.  Located at […]

My Heart On My Sleeves

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Do you ever get the itch for a new accessory? If yes, then I know I’m not alone.  I had a date with my fiance for a Valentine’s day show in New York. Not only did I want to look pretty, I also wanted to be warm!  What better way than to wear long-sleeved leather […]

How to Wear Black Damask Printed Pants

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I’m not really afraid of wearing patterned pants, but when you’re going for a certain look, it can be a challenge to make the right statement.  I stumbled across these black on black damask-printed pants while strolling the awesome aisles of Target or Target.  They immediately caught my eye because of the subtle-ness of them.  Loud, […]

Oh Biggie

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Oversized sweaters are probably the easiest thing to wear. This chunky sweater was off the clearance rack at H&M. I think its actually a x-large. When I want something to fit intentionally bigger, I buy the next size or two up! This look is: super simple relaxed warm chunky & cozy Let me know if […]

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