Spring Outfits

Things are heating up on the forecast and no doubt, I’ve been ready for warm weather. I wanted to chit chat about all the sandals I’ve been obsessing over lately and luckily for me (and my wallet), I already own a few pair!

I’ve been thinking about building a capsule wardrobe and one way to start that is with shoes. A lot of times, we think clothing, but shoes are extremely important in creating the right mix of classics and trend.

These sandal styles are versatile and timeless, which is essential in creating any capsule wardrobe. This also goes to show that when you purchase not-so-trendy items, the things that you personally love, they’ll always be in style to you!

Block Sandals

I’m wearing slingback sandals with a chunky heel block from three years ago! The leather is really soft! If you love the way these look then the Vince Camutos’ are probably your best option to go with. They’re only $50 and I believe I paid the same amount back in 2014.

The Best Sandals for SpringThe Best Sandals for Spring

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The Simple Sandal

The simple sandal. These legit will go with every.single.thing you own. If you’re tight on cash and need a pair of sandals that are affordable and stylish enough to wear to any event; work, bbq, party, etc. – go with these!
The Best Sandals for SpringThe Best Sandals for Spring
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Lace Up & Pom Pom Sandals

Fringe and pom pom sandals are probably the most adorable sandals that came to the market since jellies. I’m still stalking every pair of fringe sandals that resurfaces on the streets. The reason why I brought the sandals above was because I really wanted the light blue fringe sandals but they were sold out. Gahhh. I was able to snag a black pair from Target! Fun, cute and super comfy for the weekend and even the beach.

I was on the boardwalk with my family in this pic with my black fringe sandals!
The Best Sandals for Spring The Best Sandals for Spring

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I have been trying to be more of a minimalist and only buy shoes that I know I’ll wear for sure.  Heel height and comfort go hand in hand for me. This determines whether I’ll check out or not! I’m a big fan of finding pretty good deals for shoes, but I’m not afraid to spend a little extra for good quality.

The Best Sandals for Spring 2018

Whether you’re trying to be a minimalist or just trying to save a few dollars this spring, try styling your looks with a few wardrobe essentials for cool to warm weather days. Many of pieces include lots of solid options, which you most likely have in your wardrobe anyway! Something tells me you haven’t seen […]

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  I loved the crop hoodie with the high waist combo and that’s when I got into my DIY mode. *This post does not show the step-by-step method, it just shows inspiration and the pattern I used to achieve the look. If anyone wants the step by step how-to, leave a note in the comments […]

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Hey peeps! I never knew how much I liked red and light blue together until this year.  When I wore this it dawned on me and ever since I’ve been incorporating the color combination any time I can. A red bodysuit, red tassel earrings, light wash jeans with light blue shoes creates a cohesive, casual […]

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Holy smokes! I’m doing some blog house cleaning and JUST realized that this post was in draft mode.  You can totally tell I’ve been MIA and off my game, but here it is! I did post this pic on Instagram when we first went to Italy, but the trip and other images were worth sharing […]

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Creative Way To Wear A Crop Sweater

Ever put a crop top or crop sweater on and start second guessing yourself? Wondering why does this look so weird? Maybe it was paired with the wrong pants, styled with the wrong low-rise jeans or just simply didn’t look good on you. This “how to wear a crop sweater” moment came to me after […]

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Spring is creeping up on us, I can feel it in my bones! Or am I confusing that with the winter chill that’s lingering all over North Jersey? I mean, come on – it literally JUST snowed in last week and it’s already March. Can someone please tell winter to chill? While the rest of […]

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What To Wear to Trevi Fountain in Italy

Ok, so on this Italy trip, all I did was eat Gelato.  Seriously, this was THE goal from the earlier months of planning.  How much gelato can I eat in a day?  I have to admit I don’t think I gave it my best shot.  I could have eaten a little bit more. The Trevi […]

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  Not sure if you can tell by just glancing at the pattern in comparison to the shirt I completed, but I chose option B. I ended up modifying the sleeves.  Instead of tapering the sleeves, I cut them into short sleeves, pressing and sewing down the edges giving it more dimensions and volume.  I […]

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Ya’ll know I like a good bargain right?  And I already told you olive green is one of my vices in this post here.  It’s not my favorite color, but I’m ALWAYS attracted to it.  When I saw this mesh, olive green t-shirt calling my name on the clearance rack at Zara, I scooped it […]

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