Man oh man, you can probably tell I’m excited for Spring! I’m whipping out dresses and wearing sandals.  It’s so exciting.  Of course Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I think its a no-brainer as to why.  The color of the flowers are so pretty, all the dresses are so pretty and my top reason, easier style!  When winter is here, there’s tons of layering involved, so it does take a little bit more patience to make sure you’re dressed warm, cozy and look nice, not like you rolled up in a blanket and walked out of the house lol.  So back to Spring, yes, simple dresses, simplier style and really nice weather.

This look is:
& vintage-inspired

I’m wearing a dress, a thin gold belt, gold ankle-wrapped sandals and vintage earrings.  That’s it!  What I love about this dress is the unexpectedness of it.  At first you see a dress with pretty red flowers and some other colors, but when you look closer, you see these pixelated, digital floral prints all over it.  Sammy Dress has really fun, creative and cool looks and this look is one of them.  You can find their dresses and other collections at this