This post is from when we finally made it to Cozumel, Mexico at the Secrets Aura Cozumel resort.  Upon arrival, we were thoroughly impressed by the service, hospitality and overall view and environment.  We were so excited about the amenities in our suite, like these cool stairs and the rooftop pool and party deck. The rest of our guests were accommodated with swim up rooms.  That’s right, SWIM UP rooms, meaning there is a connecting pool right when they open the sliding doors to their spaces.  The swim up room was one of the main reasons we decided on this resort.  Check out their website here: Secrets Aura Cozumel.

I wore these jeans and white tank top on the plane.  I always tend to get really cold on flights so I wanted something that I would still be comfortable in as soon as I got off my flight and into a tropical oasis.

This look is:
& comfy

A white top and jeans is one of my main staple looks.  It pretty much goes for anything,  such as catching a flight or just grabbing lattes with a friend.

Wedding pics to come!