I having been natural going on 5 years and during this time, my mindset on hair has changed.  Throughout these past few years, I have chopped, braided, twisted and installed weaves in my hair, wearing these protective styles, all in an effort to become a curl vixen. I’m embracing my curl failures, my heat damaged ends and not hiding behind protective styles to appear like I have my curls together. *Newsflash*, I don’t. I have yet to get my curl game perfect.  Sometimes I want my tresses to go incognito behind long and pretty poetic justice braids, but here’s why I am deciding to embrace my curly fro dreams and roll with it.

I’ve always been a little nervous in wearing the full curly fro because when you have crazy shrinkage like I do, you just never know what the end result of your hair style will be like.  It can look awesome the first day and then the second day, your hair could look completely crazy. It’s also been a little daunting searching for someone who understands how fragile natural hair can be, who is informed about different hair types and textures and who wants to deal with my kinky curly coils.  It is not easy.  I know it’s not just me, the struggle is real.

(Above – hairstyles over the years featuring blow outs, protective styles and curls as they were)

I shied away from the curly fro even though deep down inside, I wanted it, needed it in my life. I was nervous about cutting my dead ends.  I’m still asking myself, why? The common denominator I keep coming back to is that, I was scared to let go and be confident. Once I trimmed where I needed to, it made a world of difference.  Cutting my hair into a proper shaped curly fro by using the Deva cut method, it revealed my curl mane that was hiding beneath. I went strand by strand and just snipped a little here and a little there to get a decent shape.  It was a much needed experience and I feel that much more confident walking out of my house with my full head of real curls.

As I’ve researched and opened up my mind and hair follicles to different experiences I’ve learned a lot more about curls, hair care and what it means to be a curly girl.  Not all curls are created equal and that’s ok. I decided to embrace my kinky curly hair because it gives me confidence. It may not be perfect, but for now, it works for me, and I’m going to rock it.

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my curls as they are today (full curly fro).