Man oh man, it was great to visit the Louvre museum in Paris. I had an awesome time inside the different galleries. I’m an art buff, I can’t help but be infatuated with the artistic abilities that people have conjured up. The fact that some of the art still exists in pristine condition hundreds of years later, still amazes me. I was not able to walk the entire art gallery, but the rooms that we did see were breathtaking. Insert dramatic music here. Lol. Anyways, take a look at the picture with the walls gilded in gold. How pretty?!?!

Of course the room with the Mona Lisa was the most packed.  But, it wouldn’t be a trip to the Louvre without making a pit stop to see it!  Her picture is on a big wall all by itself in a 10×12 frame (approximately, I’m just guessing here, I didn’t get my measuring tape out to get the exact dimensions), meanwhile the rest of the art gallery is filled with over-sized paintings that can take up the whole wall.  What is interesting is her eyes really do follow you around the room!
You can not go to a museum that’s on an incredibly large scale and not wear something comfortable. Comfortable does not always mean sneakers. Comfortable can mean flats and a outfit that doesn’t always need to be adjusted.
I was wearing this light and airy shirt pretty much all summer and I couldn’t help but to pack it for Paris. It fit perfectly anyway, so why not? I paired it with a stretch, body-con style skirt, flat sandals and my casio watch.

This look is:
& cute

I’m not the type of girl to wear high heels to a museum and on this lovely day, I didn’t necessarily want to wear sneakers either. I opted for flat sandals, my automatic go-to’s when I want to be stylish but still comfortable.  These t-strap sandals have been with me for about 2 years and I have no shame in continuing to wear them out. How many of you have a go-to pair of summer shoes?