Since it just so happens that we should be expecting another last minute snow storm over here in Jersey, let’s reflect on the blog post that has been hibernating and now ready to be posted.

How To Look Stylish In Cold Weather
How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather

A few weeks ago, for a quick weekend getaway, my husband and I traveled to Canada. I knew it would be cold, but damn – even my Northface almost couldn’t cut it. My double layered pants under my jeans almost couldn’t withstand the tundra as we roamed Niagara Falls and the hidden gems that lied within.

How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather

I wanted to remember how I tried to stay warm as I grabbed the chance to take a few blog pics, but I want to forget how I thought my toes were THIS CLOSE to being frostbitten. But that’s another story for another winter. I will say that I regretted not buying the on-sale uggs right then as we walked past a few shops of the outdoor mall!

How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather
How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather

So, you want to look stylish in cold weather, here are some quick winter style tips to consider when getting dressed.

Winter Style Tips:

Layer Up No Matter What! Don’t be fooled, these leopard print jeans are layered underneath with Cotton On Moto leggings. You can layer with regular leggings or go for the gold with heattech leggings from Uniqlo. I also had a insulted tee-shirt under my body suit. Uniqlo heattech technology is pretty much self-insulating and features tops, pants, and tanks. It’s almost the end of winter season, so try to snag ’em if they’re on sale.

Winter Accessories Are a Must! Make winter look good on you with furry accessories that speak for themselves! This furry hat was picked up from Century 21 a few years ago.  It was one of those things where you like it, not sure if you’ll wear it, but decide to test the waters and get it anyway. Boy, did I make a smart move on that one. This hat is warm and cozy and a head-turning accessory.


How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather

How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather

These Coach boots from Nordstrom Rack are great for fall, but for walking in a snow-filled winter wonderland, not so much. I learned from my mistake and I’m putting these tips out there, so you can learn from my mistakes too!

When i walked into GAP, one of the sales associates said and I quote ” wow, you make winter look good.” I grinned ear to ear, knowing I was on to something. It was warming to hear a nice complement in the midst of a snow fall. I’m prettyyyy sure it was the hat and the fur on my coat hood and gloves. Yeah, I know, it was a lot of fur, but hey, it was cozy and warm and most of all, it looked good.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Spring.

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Ok that’s all I got for now! Stay tuned for more Spring inspo!How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather


This outfit is:
& comfy

Outfit Details:
Coat: Northface (old)
Jeans: (old)
Leggings (not shown): Cotton On
Hat: Century 21 (in store only)
Shoes: Coach from Nordstrom Rack
Top (not shown): Who What Wear Target

How To: Look Stylish In Cold Weather

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