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Spring is creeping up on us, I can feel it in my bones! Or am I confusing that with the winter chill that’s lingering all over North Jersey? I mean, come on – it literally JUST snowed in last week and it’s already March. Can someone please tell winter to chill? While the rest of world, you know, Miami, LA, peeps island hopping, I def want to get my spring feels on too!   Here’s a quick and easy outfit idea to wear while transitioning from winter to spring and not feel left out. I mean, the whole tri-state area is swooning over spring trends so, I figured I’d let you in on a secret for how to transition comfortably between winter and spring with these items.

How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring
How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring

How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring

How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring 
How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring


You’ve heard of them before by various names: pantyhose, stockings, tights.  Either way, you need these. Don’t be afraid to wear skirts in the winter! Pantyhose are an easy way to show a little leg while creating a barrier in between the frisk chill of winter and your skin.

Peacoats are perfect in the fall, so while the temps are fall-like during the transition period of winter to spring, style with a peacoat.

Cute Skirt
Sometimes too many trends can go wrong, but this here is all right. This adorable skirt, I snatched up from Target. I love when the stars align just for me to get the last goodie right there on the rack. That’s how you know things are meant to be, like this skirt being the newest addition to my wardrobe.

I’ve been trying to step out of my norm – basically all grey everything and add pops of color here and there to my closet.

When wearing trends on trend (ruffles with plaid), you have to limit yourself to only a couple.  The standout focus on my outfit is the ruffle plaid skirt and the pantyhose.

The rest is black, pretty much goes together so its not like I was adding another color to the mix.

How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring


I’ve been obsessing over the color burgundy lately. After I picked up that Griselda lipstick from Fenty Beauty, I swear I was ready to overhaul my wardrobe and start a new one!

This outfit is:
& cute

Outfit Details:
Peacoat: Boscov’s: similar here; another option here
Skirt: Target (similar option here)
Pantyhose: Givenchy [old] – newer option here)
Bodysuit: Who What Wear [sold out]; another option here)
Shoes: Steve Madden Combat Boots options here and here

How To: Wardrobe Transition From Winter To Spring

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