Another year, another number!  I was so excited to have shared my 28th birthday with my close friends and family.  Here’s some pictures from my big day!  We had a great time eating Mexican food (my favorite) and then heading over to an arcade to play games afterwards.  When there’s tacos, bumper cars and ski ball involved in a situation, I’m winning.  I’m really a big kid at heart, so the highlight of the night was picking out cheesy toys from the gaming center after I won a ton of tickets.

I wanted to look “cute” for my birthday but also wanted to be a little festive in honor of the month of December.  I wore this Forever 21 crushed velvet dress with a cape and long leather gloves.  I paired it with over the knee boots and big fishnet stockings.

This look is:
& stylish

I’ve always been a big fan of pretty much everything I wore on my birthday. I love crushed velvet. I love capes.  I swoon over all over-the-knee boots that exist on the planet and of course, fishnet stockings.  To easily pair them altogether, without looking like I was wearing all my best items in my closet, was like a birthday wish come true.