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You know how Facebook has that “suggested” feed every so often on your page? It’s annoying until something catches your eye and can’t help but to click it.

That happened to me a few months back when I saw this Bergdorf Goodman high waist pencil skirt with the Off White Cobalt Blue Hoodie.



I loved the crop hoodie with the high waist combo and that’s when I got into my DIY mode.

*This post does not show the step-by-step method, it just shows inspiration and the pattern I used to achieve the look. If anyone wants the step by step how-to, leave a note in the comments and I’ll update.  Same goes for the hoodie!

DIY Pencil Skirt
DIY Pencil Skirt and Floral Cropped Hoodie

I used Simplicity Pattern 1559 to replicate the skirt. It’s funny because I have off and on spurts of using my sewing machine everyday and then there are months when I have to dust it off! Anybody can relate? I tried to find an exact match for my designer skirt replica, so I headed over to Joann’s to find a close match.

For the skirt, I wanted it to be more like the Bergdorf Goodman one, so I had to adjust the slit to make it higher.


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DIY Plaid Pencil Skirt and Pink Sneakers
DIY Plaid Pencil Skirt and Crop Hoodie

I love that this outfit is perfect for any weekend activity like going to the market, weekend shopping, or any casual family get-together!

Finding Your Personal Style

When I first started blogging, I was creating blog posts for full outfit ideas, copying online fashion sites and not truly tapping into my own personal style.

I got smarter over the years and more confident with how I like to dress. And if you’ve been following me for some time now, you already know…Cute and comfy!

DIY Plaid Pencil Skirt and Pink Sneakers
DIY Plaid Pencil Skirt and Crop Hoodie

I like dressing minimal on the day to day. And when I’m getting dressed up, a little more on the classic glam side.

When you’re personalizing your style with real classics and not trendy items, your wardrobe will be timeless.

What’s your personal style?

P.s. – this hoodie is a plus size hoodie from Loralette, I took in the sleeves and turned it into a crop top!


Get the look below with crop hoodies and plaid skirts!



Casual Spring Style - DIY Pencil Skirt
 Outfit Details:
DIY Pencil Skirt
Loralette Floral Hoodie – DIY into a crop hoodie
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