We visited the Chateau du Versaille, the palace of Marie Antoinette and family, symbolic for being the royal monarchy before the French Revolution.  With lots of things to read, beautiful sights to see and overall enjoyment of my 5th day in Paris, I knew the day would be long.  Not to mention catching the metro, stopping for food and waiting in lines to see the flourishing grounds.

I packed my suitcase with one trench, this one – from Zara.  It’s medium weight which is perfect for that unpredictable Parisenne weather (rain, wind or overall chilliness), it came in handy although I did not need it for my entire trip and it pretty much went with ALL of my outfits.

I chose this Banana Republic black and white striped wrap dress and I paired it with this basic trench coat from Zara and Black Ralph Lauren flats.  I was comfortable the entire day.

We walked the entire palace and the grounds.  With twist and turns and hidden corners here and there, it was a pleasant sight to see.

Here are a few images from inside Chateau du Versaille including the Queen’s Bedchambers, the Gate of Honour and the Hall of Mirrors.

hall of mirrors ItsNicoleF l Versaille l Queen's Bedchambers
 I love the ornate details with flowers and gold trims!

A view of the Gardens from a higher place. Oh, hi Derrell 🙂

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I have to say, this is one of the coolest metro/subway stations that I’ve been in.  I love the wordsearch style of the tiles along the walls. When I was in Paris, I don’t think I visited the same metro station twice, not by choice, just by fate.  I’m so glad I stumbled upon this […]

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