Yesterday on my post DIY Pencil Skirt with Floral Hoodie, I was wearing pink Blackstone sneakers.

For spring, pink sneakers are definitely a win. Pink is almost a neutral for girls, so to have a pair of these in your wardrobe, can’t hurt.

I’ve provided some links down below showcasing some affordable pink sneakers!

You can also check the below stores that usually have cool colors in their shoe section! I picked mine up from Nordstrom Rack, they were on sale, so I didn’t hesitate to purchase!


My Favorite Places To Shop For Unique Sneakers:
Nordstrom Rack
Burlington Coat Factory
Steve Madden


  I loved the crop hoodie with the high waist combo and that’s when I got into my DIY mode. *This post does not show the step-by-step method, it just shows inspiration and the pattern I used to achieve the look. If anyone wants the step by step how-to, leave a note in the comments […]

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