statement necklace

How to Wear Mismatch colors and still get away with it?  Many of you have asked this question.  And I have an easy answer for you!  My method for style is really quite simple.  This look was effortless to pull together.  For Spring, I LOVE when I see pastel colors.  They make my heart melt. 🙂
For my color palette, I stuck almost to the basics.  I got a black pencil skirt, I paired it with a pastel, peachy colored crop top, then I used my pastel blue shoes and a statement necklace that featured the peach and the blue as accent colors.  I was able to bring the total look together by adding a statement necklace that featured both colors.

The second how to part on this post is how to wear a crop top and not show any skin.  You can wear a crop top and something high waist to minimize your whole stomach showing, like I did!

This look is:
& trendy!

Will you try to wear a crop top to not show your belly? Will you try to mismatch colors and still coordinate?

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Let’s talk legs!  I LOVE tights, stockings, hosiery, you name it!  I’ve always thought that adding a bit of legwear can transform the look of any skirt!  I played around with patterns/prints on this look by mixing the jacquard print skirt with the hosiery that has polka dots and a garter belt line on it! […]

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