When anyone comes to the realization that they want to be more stylish, the first step to this is a closet assessment or a closet cleanup.  I go through my closet ALL THE TIME and store the items I’m currently not in the mood to wear and save them for the next time I rotate out items in my closet.  People who have capsule wardrobes or minimalists do this every season.


I’m not a closet minimalist by any means and if I told you I was, my husband would chime in and let you guys know what’s what.  Hahaha. I do however, make sure I have my go to items ready throughout the year.  These 5 simple items will jumpstart your boring wardrobe and make you look refreshed all year round.



The white tee, white shirt, white top is the ultimate clean look.  It will work through all four seasons.  It’s a classic color and will never go out of style.  I use that term “out of style” loosely. If you guys didn’t know, I don’t work off of style, I work off of what I like and what has worked time after time.  Anytime I’ve helped someone with their wardrobe, the first thing I recommend is a white shirt.  For white top inspiration follow my pinterest board here!

There isn’t a more versatile top than a simple white





This item on my list may be obvious to some people, but to others it may not be.  I recently was discussing on my private facebook group (want to join? click here) about jeans and where to buy.  Many times, depending on the person’s height or size, there may be trouble with finding the right jeans.  Jeans are a staple for me.  Lately, I wear jeans probably 60% of the time.  I’m sure a lot of women can relate that after having a baby, being in something that can disguise any sort of spills is the way to go.  Not to mention, jeans are highly durable and when thrown in the wash, stains just come right out.

Jeans look so good on every shape and size. Literally anyone can wear them.  There are so many different styles to choose from and good jeans with the proper fit can really jumpstart anyone’s wardrobe.  I highly recommend them!




Loafers or Ballet flats are serious life savers.  They go perfectly with pretty much everything.  I’m not exaggerating.  I always have a pair of loafers of ballet flats in my closet because they’re cute and comfortable and not everyday is a heel type of day.  And for that matter, not everyday is a sneaker type of day.  With loafers of ballet flats, your look is feminine, neat and classic. If you’re just starting out your new wardrobe of just sprucing it up, I highly suggest adding a pair of loafers or ballet flats in black or leopard print!




I fell in love with hoop earrings at seven years old. Lol.  My mom would let me and my sister play dress up with her clothes and in any little girl’s world, this was the holy grail.  The “We made it” moment.  Haha. 😀  I kid you not, hoop earrings matches with anything.  There are tons of sizes that are offered so sizes are endless.  I like my hoops on the bigger side because I like for them to stand out and on me, it just feels right. Get a pair or silver or gold hoop earrings and this simple accessory can transform your whole world.  Your wardrobe world that is lol.




If you ever wanted to be bold, red lipstick is a dominant color that captures attention and honestly, it looks good on anybody. When you pair red lips with jeans and a white shirt, it’s such a classic look.  I can look back on photos from 2 years ago and see that this look still looks good to this day.

This picture here is from a blog post I did about 3 years ago.  I wore a white sweater and I had red lipstick on.  This is a prime example of how red lips create a dramatic, classic and sexy look.
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  • White shirts are versatile.
  • Jeans are durable and easy.
  • Ballet flats pair perfectly with jeans or skirts, and are sooo comfortable.
  • Hoop earrings and red lipstick match with all of the above or anything you have in your closet.

Refreshing your wardrobe with these 5 simple items is a no-brainer.  These are my ultimate top 5 that I’m sharing for free with you.