Do you ever get the itch for a new accessory? If yes, then I know I’m not alone.  I had a date with my fiance for a Valentine’s day show in New York. Not only did I want to look pretty, I also wanted to be warm!  What better way than to wear long-sleeved leather gloves, a cozy sweater and some thick tights?  I have to admit, I’m not one to wear heels in NYC on any given day, but these heels were just fine.  I believe the heel height is 3 1/2 inches, which is kind of my max, I know, not your typical high-heeled gal, but I’m more confident when I know I can actually walk in them.  I paired these Nine West pumps with thick tights, my favorite Zara short-sleeved sweater and long leather gloves. I simply added a thin gold belt, gold chandelier-style earrings and a leopard clutch.

This look is:
& classic

I occasionally like to wear trendy things, but I more-so want to invest and wear things that I know will be timeless. This look was not inspired by any trends, but rather just the art of being a classy lady!